Ghepardino sure

When the pencil was not there, in space wandered a Ghepardino. Tre space was the gray matter, called brain. It is not about the Universe. Ghepardino was so strong, humorous, cheerful and confident,  who dared defy even a thousand snakes.  One day he appeared a faerie, who had the body composed of two stars tied together by a stalk of red rose and told him: watch you take risks. Your security can cost you dear. Ghepardino I start to laugh, you’ ve got your strong hands claws and  thought: a crocodile looking at me shaking of certain. The faerie continued: sure but foolish. Security must become balancend everything can happen. Physical strength is very little. God knowing you can chastise. Ghepardino replied to discipline? I try, I know myself’ and continued to fill the brain with her laughter, God lost his patience. Struck Ghepardino changing it. With his flesh made rubber cancelled, with his bones pencils, with his skull the diary, with his brain but that toilet paper fool. With his heart a door for emergency exit. 


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