Critical Geekery: Talking Representation in Pop Culture with the Nerds of Color


Now three years old, pop-culture criticism blog The Nerds of Color is going strong, with a range of contributors writing thought-provoking posts, speaking at major events like San Diego Comic Con, and turning the blog into a successful locus for Twitter activism aimed at increasing representation in pop culture.

Founder and editor-in-chief Keith Chow and writers Valerie ComplexShawn Taylor, and Alice Wong talked to us about their favorite shows, shifts in the media landscape, and how we can all support inclusive entertainment.

When was the first time you saw yourself in popular culture (if at all)?

Keith: One of my favorite comics growing up was G.I. Joe. As much as I loved the cartoon and toys, I loved the comics more. My favorite characters were Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, rival ninjas who were former friends. I didn’t know it at the time, but I subconsciously gravitated to those…

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Why Buy Ugly?

The Thrifty Gourmand

According to National Geographic, about one-third of all global food production goes to waste. Even more staggering, nearly two-thirds of that waste is caused neither by drought, poor refrigeration nor insects, but rather results from the way the food looks. That means that “an estimated six billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are wasted every year in the U.S. because they are ugly” (Huffington Post).

While many restaurants repurpose so-called ugly food in order to cut cost and minimize waste in the kitchen and while certain grocery stores and organizations have programs to sell and promote ugly food, the solution to the problem lies primarily with the consumer (Think Progress).

According to the produce manager at my local Whole Foods Market, team members can’t display ugly items, a common practice among nearly all grocery stores. Any fruit or vegetable with a bruise, a scratch or…

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Creating the (Physical and Mental) Space to Write

The Daily Post

Over at Discover, editor Mike Dang asked five bloggers to describe and take photographs of their writing spaces. Read their responses.

When you write, are you typing at your desktop computer in your home office? Drafting a blog post on your phone, right in the WordPress app? Or are you like Deborah, below, creating your desk for the day at your favorite coffee shop?

To write in, I like a cafe with wooden floors, high ceilings, and tables with ample space. Once committed, I make the place my own. I give myself over to a familiar wafting aroma. I order an Americano, no milk, no sugar please. I arrange my piping hot coffee and writing accoutrements on my “desk,” and then I take in the sounds around me. An espresso maker sputters and whirs to an undercurrent of percussion-driven electronic beats and the indiscernible vocalizations of a female singer. Voices murmur, mostly in…

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Let’s fall in love TOGETHER !


As the Body craves Oxygen, the Soul craves Love !

– Anonymous

Don’t look at the way you always wanted to..

Come and feel my meditating eyes..

Visit your soul when you look at me !

Throw away all the doubts..

Let’s fall in love TOGETHER !


Parents never decide your life..

You don’t usually decide your own life..

Know and understand the reality..

Time keeps changing..

Life’s priority will change..

This is life..

Decision is of Him..

Let’s fall in love TOGETHER !


Know about yourself..

Accept and trust the process..

Don’t get lost in the middle of the crowd..

Come out and feel your self..

Let’s fall in love TOGETHER !


Don’t forget yourself by looking at your reflection..

Mirror may disguise your thoughts..

Keep your soul and body at one place..

And think what your soul needs..

Let’s fall in love TOGETHER !



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My Favorite Park


I had very little time today to doodlewash and post, so here’s a quick and loose little sketch of my favorite thing about my favorite park – turtles. We have a park here called Loose Park and in the center is a large pond with ducks and well, these guys. I love watching turtles sunbathing because it seems like they’re so totally into it. Stretched toward the sun, standing still as a statue, as if they were solar-powered and this is the only way they can possibly keep moving. Even the squawking ducks nearby don’t bother them and they never break their extreme concentration. Perhaps it’s simply because I’ve always lacked this kind of focus that I find it so intriguing, but they are definitely the reason I love this park most.

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Hairstyles for Boys

Kids Gallore

Little boys are about to become little men and it is time to let their little boy hairstyles embody what kind of men they will be. Presented below toddler hairstyles collection aims to bring inspiration and advice how to style boys hair.


Some boys were born for long and crazy hair and that is why they invented the Mop Top. Kids with pin straight hair should steer clear of these little boy haircuts. This toddler hairstyle works best with fine or wavy hair that has some form of texture. The clippers can be put away in place of scissors for this style. Keep in mind that this haircut is tapered around the neck and ears while getting longer up top.


When it comes to more classic youngsters, this is the style to choose. This style works great for boys with thinner hair that will…

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Iain Kelly

The Captain wrestled with the pedals and stick, struggling to get the helicopter back under control. An unknown external force seemed to have taken over the craft.

They were swirling in circles. The rotor blades had stalled, there was no point in trying to adjust cyclic or yaw rates now. Outside the large pink and purple brick tower flashed passed again. All he could do was hold on for dear life.

The side door behind him flew open and he saw Mr Cuddles plummet to the ground below. A rumbling noise like thunder, or the laughter of a giant, crashed all around him. There was a god-like voice. It was unbearably loud. It sounded like it was chanting ‘Dinner’s ready.’

The motion changed. The helicopter was flying through the air heading straight for the tower. The Captain closed his eyes and braced for the impact.

The tower crumbled to pieces that landed all around…

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Rare

Sunny District

Update: This post has been selected as an Editor’s pick on WordPress Discover!

I was out running in the woods behind my place this evening. What a rare treat to sight this beauty, so cautious in its curiosity, ready to spring off if I made one false move. Our eyes locked for a few moments and she allowed me to steal a quick snap before we both took off on our separate ways…

I’d love to know your story about a rare moment like this. You may like more from the Weekly Photo Challenge on Sunny District!

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