Iain Kelly

The Captain wrestled with the pedals and stick, struggling to get the helicopter back under control. An unknown external force seemed to have taken over the craft.

They were swirling in circles. The rotor blades had stalled, there was no point in trying to adjust cyclic or yaw rates now. Outside the large pink and purple brick tower flashed passed again. All he could do was hold on for dear life.

The side door behind him flew open and he saw Mr Cuddles plummet to the ground below. A rumbling noise like thunder, or the laughter of a giant, crashed all around him. There was a god-like voice. It was unbearably loud. It sounded like it was chanting ‘Dinner’s ready.’

The motion changed. The helicopter was flying through the air heading straight for the tower. The Captain closed his eyes and braced for the impact.

The tower crumbled to pieces that landed all around…

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