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IMG_8982Two weeks in a mountain village like Zermatt is an opportunity for daily walking, but I always spend the occasional hour or two within the village on the look-out for something a little different.

I spotted this cat on an upstairs windowsill on one such walk. He/She was sitting upright surveying the neighbourhood in a way that only a cat can; until I approached when the cat adopted a more wary poise and my every move was scrutinised with a fixed stare.

An hour later the cat was still on the windowsilll, motionless. The upper left window is open giving the cat a means of access to the interior of the house (when finally it became bored), although I would have thought that accessing the windowsill via that window would have been a somewhat trickier manoeuvre. (What a strangely spelt word that last one is in the English version –…

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