The Armored Coconut

The Hamazon


It’s embarrassing to admit how long it took me to realize I’m a person of color. I wasn’t two, or 12, or even 30 years old. It was more like the month my Obamacare kicked in.

I’ve pondered what it means to be a woman of color for about ten years; wondered how to embody and live with the answers I eventually found for five; and have challenged myself to be a public ally for two years, maybe three. I am now 40.

Looking back at all the years I stayed locked in a bright white box with someone else’s name on it, I feel and have felt incredibly foolish. So naive. Passed out like a brown Sleeping Beauty. Deserving of an international medal for grand self-denial at every level of human development… from the U.N. or whoever, not really sure what else they do. Guess I’ll ask someone at…

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