Colori in fiori

Buongiorno Bianca,

dolce anima stanca.

Il tramonto 🌅 chiama,

Il colore che Ama.

Il Marrone speziato,

dal bianco inventato!

La mia Celeste Fantasia!

Che Dio voglia e sia!

Il Rosa 🌷semplicemente amata,

profumata, desiderata

dal rosso ciclamino

che spera in un angolino!

Il Verde 💚 speranza

che cerca la mia Stella 🌟

sempre Gialla!

Abbastanza ⭐️🌝!


Colors in Flowers

Good morning Bianca

Sweet, tired soul.

The sunset calls,

The color he loves.

The spicy brown from the white invented!

My heavenly Fantasy!

God forbid and be!

The Rose simply loved,

Fragrant, desired,

From the Red cyclamen,

Hoping for a corner!

The Green Hope,

Looking for my star

Always YELLOW!




Nevica, Nevica!

Oh, Cielo!

Ecco, il tuo manto ricamo,

divina bianca verità,

che tocca la terra!

Ma, per carità!

Oh, Sole 🌞!

Ecco, il tuo raggio Amico!

Divino aiuto,

che lascia la bianca neve ❄️,

tristemente lieve!

Nevica, Nevica, Nevica!

Ecco, l’inverno vuole imbiancare!

Lasciati andare 😊!



The destiny of man is in his character. Then, in a headcase pride is the wheel and who lives in whims is always off the hook. Who at Court is intended if it doesn’t die Holy becomes desperate. Transparent soul is always innocent. The camel is funny and ugly but it takes you everywhere. Today man has all the tools and opportunities to meet, communicate and live the Love with love. But the world is still sick. The strongest is “those who love is of God and knows God” (Saint John the Apostle).



Essere profondo,

apprezza il tuo mondo,

i ricordi, ricordano,

un viaggio passato mondano.

Essere superficiale,

abbraccia il tuo maestrale,

rievoca note amiche,

un viaggio di rondini antiche.

La voce è il silenzio,

Santo vizio,

che prega un invito,

al ricordo impazzito.



Be deep

Appreciate your world,

Memories Remember

A past worldly journey.

be superficial,

Embrace your Mistral,

Evokes friends ‘ notes,

A journey of ancient swallows.

The Voice is silence,

Holy Vice,

Praying an invitation,

To the memory gone mad.



Article posted by “modern woman” Italian magazine wants to communicate, that even the State choose the easy way out “irregular” work, but despite all the protagonists continue to hope!

Me, my colleague, and the protagonist of the item pictures and all trainees continue to accept irregular work that the Italian public administration offers, because we want to achieve better results which satisfy the efficacy parameters, efficiency and economy that will distinguish the Italy from other European countries. Specifying that the internship that is undeclared work has been renewed for more than seven years.